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About Us

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SeniorCare Homes The Woodlands Texas is a residential home designed to meet the needs of elderly, adults, and young adults, who need assistance in their daily living activities. We are located in the middle of The Woodlands and Spring TX. Just 8 minutes away from both locations. Our home is suitable for those who need the peace, tranquility, and security of a home. We offer 24/7 affordable, individualized, personalized, and quality care and assistance to our residents.

SeniorCare Homes The Woodlands Texas offers common aspects of care and assistance to our residents when they:

  • Experience difficulty with daily living activities
  • Show signs of confusion and memory loss
  • Have psychological and emotional problems but not considered a danger to themselves and to others
  • Need medication assistance and supervision
  • Are speech and hearing impaired
  • Are sight impaired or blind
  • Need incontinent care and prevention
  • Are wheelchair or bed bounded
  • Need special diet
  • Require Hospice care

Our Goals

Our main goals are to enhance our residents’ quality of life, by providing them affordable care, safe accommodations, compassionate staff, and a humane home atmosphere.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. We are eager to serve you!